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Lance Lee


The Dragon
After several years, he decided to join the United States Marines Corps as an Infantryman to support our country. As a result, he received his high school diploma to join during the height of two wars after talks of drafting military aged men from families with two or more sons. Lance left within a month of signing to make this sacrifice for his brother during wartime and to potentially find the meaning of his life by risking it honorably.

In the Marine Corps, the emphasis on small unit leadership is what he values most. While voluntary, these difficult experiences propelled growth in a short time. When the alternative was likely death since members of the same rank would be required to take charge of the team as soon as the appointed leader becomes a casualty. The willingness to sacrifice life and accept death has provided clarity of mind while making intelligent decisions under pressure and opened his awareness to consciousness while navigating through life.


A Legend is Born
Lance Lee is an American Mixed Martial Arts fighter, actor, entrepreneur, and combat veteran of the Iraq war. He served in the Infantry as a United States Marine from 2004-2008. He was raised in Los Angeles, CA and credits his strength, hard work, and ability to take risks to his single mother who raised three children and succeeded in business. He values hardship and credits his early memories of struggle for planting a seed to succeed and a will to fight against the odds.

He identified talent in the martial arts early after starting Tae Kwon Do at six years old but rebelled in school and often got in trouble. He moved to Philadelphia, PA during his middle school years and started wrestling and boxing. He found passion in the arts and design as well as martial arts but struggled with the idea of how it could support himself and disregarded his dreams early on. Instead, he was moved to Seattle, WA and during his sophomore year he made a decision to focus on working rather than his education.

His search for work was inspired by his single mother who struggled during a difficult time to support her children on her own. His first job was at a leading mortgage company in Bellevue, WA where these employers became mentors and teachers of entrepreneurship by watching their operations. After two years of cold calls and sales they promoted him to manager of marketing until he worked independently as a residential and commercial broker at eighteen for one hundred percent commission. He worked as a broker for two more years and it was just after the refinance boom due to the market crash due to Sept. 11, 2001. In addition to developing his professional skills and working alongside banks for various real estate transactions, he learned as much from his clients as a broker where he sometimes spent 80-100 hour weeks to meet demand and learning innovative ways to invest.


A Way To Success
This balance of two opposites creating a whole is prevalent in his work and in the art that he chooses to share. In addition, having tested his own body and mind to the human limits, and experiencing how much we are actually capable, it is these insights that he credits to identify leadership qualities in others, and helps build successful teams. Though it came at a high price, Lance values the principles gained for having significant influence in his entrepreneurial life.

But after his honorable discharge he struggled to adjust to civilian life and worked many years to identify past traumas at its root in order to heal which has opened his understanding of spirituality, which is ever so present in his professional efforts and design. He was at his lowest point and darkest time, where he saw the true nature of those closest to him and that he began to appreciate those who stood by him. It’s through the dark he has come into the light and where he was found and introduced to MMA training alongside UFC and Bellator fighters as he continues to evolve his martial arts skills and works his way onto the big stage.

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