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Acting & MMA


Acting & MMA
The following year in 2016, Lee made a new turn in his career, making his way towards the Hollywood scene. He currently studies in Los Angeles, CA after making his debut in film after having performed stunt work for Vigilante Diaries and The Last Ship. He is an executive producer of the film short Soul Transit (2016), among other projects currently in development.

He draws from his real life experiences providing the director the rare ability to act and bring forth high level martial arts while performing his own stunts. Lee quickly made his acting debut in Episode “Point of Impact” of the action drama Shooter. He played a role of a Korean Gangster in the Jet Lag Project (TV Movie 2017), as well as Doomsday Device (TV Movie 2017) and notably starred as a General as a lead role in the historic book turned into movie, THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich.


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