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Lance Lee Bio

Lance Lee is an American Mixed Martial Arts fighter, actor, stuntman, and combat veteran of the Iraq war. He served in the Infantry as a United States Marine from 2004-2008. He was raised in Los Angeles, CA and credits his strength, hard work, and ability to take risks to his single mother who raised three children and succeeded in business. He values hardship and credits his early memories of struggle for planting a seed to succeed and a will to fight against the odds.

He identified talent in the martial arts early after starting Tae Kwon Do at six years old but rebelled in school and often got in trouble. He moved to Philadelphia, PA during his middle school years and started wrestling and boxing. He found passion in the arts and design as well as martial arts but struggled with the idea of how it could support himself and disregarded his dreams early on. Instead, he was moved to Seattle, WA and during his sophomore year he made a decision to focus on working rather than his education.

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